We are Aeres MBO. Talent for growth is our motto. We are a versatile educator in the animal, urban environment, green, flower, agricultural technology, biodynamic and conventional food production sectors. At 11 school locations in the central Netherlands, Aeres MBO develops over 5000 young people and adults into the employees and employers of the future. Business life is closely connected to our educational processes, and ICT plays a key role. In addition to theoretical classes at school, all students gain practical experience at recognised training companies. They learn by doing. Students who successfully complete their programme are ready for the job market.

After getting their diploma, many of our students enroll in further education at senior secondary vocational level or bachelor level. Our MBO schools are part of Aeres, which includes a university of applied sciences with three faculties in Almere, Dronten and Wageningen. Please contact us for more information regarding opportunities in your field of education.

Aeres MBO Locations

Our mission

Aeres MBO wants guarantee the development of young people and adults, so they can successfully take part in the society of the future. We achieve this by:

  • giving students care and attention and improving their independence
  • offering innovative education that fits further education and business life
  • offering education that has meaning in a regional, national and international context
  • being a learning organisation, in which each employee can take responsibility in collegial cooperation
  • being an open institute with respect for nature and humans as unique beings

Our vision

Aeres MBO wants to offer engaging and inspiring education, with students and course participants at the centre. Business life is closely connected to our educational processes, and ICT plays a key role. Social and educational developments from the driving force behind the innovation of our education. One of these developments is vocational education. It shows why students have to learn the things they are taught. This way, learning receives meaning. With an engaging, meaningful programme, Aeres MBO stimulates (young) people to continue studying at MBO or HBO level, both within and outside of the green column.