Why study in the Netherlands?

Every year, Aeres MBO welcomes many international students who want to enrich their basic knowledge with a solid dose of practical experience. The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world. Our innovative knowledge and entrepreneurship are famous across the globe.

More and more international students discover the Netherlands as the location for a short or long study programme. Every year, there are almost 80,000 international students, and three-quarters of this number are from Europe. What makes our small, wet and chilly country in north-western Europe so popular? Dutch education has a good reputation. But there is more: almost all programmes can be taken in English, and 95% of all Dutch people speak English. That makes communication a lot easier. The Dutch style of teaching is interactive and student-oriented. You learn valuable skills, such as analysis, solving practical problems and thinking creatively. You develop your own opinion and you are free to ask questions and to be critical of the things your lecturers and fellow students tell you. Respect for the opinions and expressions of each individual is our principle in this. With over 17 million inhabitants, the Netherlands is the most populated country in the EU. On the other hand, the Netherlands is a safe, well-organised and open-minded country.